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TOP 5 SUNGLASSES TRENDS OF 2021, you can't miss on! 

Wanna stay in trend, with just a simple life-saving hack? Well, I have one. We all have those baggy under-eyes exactly revealing how overworked we are, or how many series we have been binge-watching. Don't worry, because a simple selection of the right sunglasses while you step out of your house, can save you in a million ways.



Now, how can these sunnies save your life? Basically, people will assume you're super stylish and you keep up with the latest trends. Secondly, you don't have to spend a fortune on under eye Concealers or colour correctors. Thirdly, people won't get to see your EEW or AWW eye expressions, Thank god! Above all, it's a trending and flamboyant fashion accessory, a must-have just like your handbag. 


It adds volume to your personality and with the changing style of your sunglasses, you can add a very different vibe to your personality, from being a party freak to a fashion nova to a street-style vibe to that urban gala or a sincere I mind my own business vibe. You just need to choose the right sunglasses according to your face type and worldly hype. Haha!


In this fashion & lifestyle feature, we have interacted with five leading fashion influencers from the industry: Aqsa Shad, Rachel D'Cruz, Ishita Debnath, Nancy Saharia and Natasha Desai, who will exactly guide you on what kind of sunglasses you should wear according to your face shape? What styles and accessories fit well with it and what are the must-have sunnies in your wardrobe? Which sunglasses will stay in trend in the year 2021 and how are they creating a fashion statement right now? So, let's dig in and get the top 5 sunglasses style for you.


Starting from Marilyn Monroe to the iconic ladies of Hollywood, fashion runway or the cover page of the leading fashion magazines, you will always find these mysterious yet feminine designer sunnies peeping right at you. The Cat-eye Sunglasses are in vogue since early 2019 and they aren't going anywhere for the rest of this year, and I guess the upcoming years too. People with oval, square and heart face type can go for these shades. 


Honestly, people with an oval face cut can go for any kind of glasses ranging from aviators, wayfarers or round eye sunglasses. But the latest trends reveal, that Cat-eye Sunglasses, add a mysterious depth and dimension to the oval face type. 


Go for sleek monochrome black cat-eyes for a subtle look like Nancy did, or pick up the contrast, neon or animal print cat-eye frames for a much more quirky look like Aqsa. Cat-eye sunglasses differ in dimensions too, I would suggest that if you are looking for glasses in terms of protection from sunlight, then don't buy the narrow ones, which will fit below your eyes and won't serve a purpose, other than being a fashion statement for a mere second. 


Square, oval, heart or diamond- whichever face type you have- you can always find a classic aviator to fit perfectly with your face cut and style. They have smoked lenses blended with an elegant slim metal frame. So, like Ishita, who is minimalistic yet elegant with her style and is not looking for something heavy, aviators are the best option for minimalistic trendsetters. The shape and lenses are designed in a manner to block the harsh sunlight from all the angles.


Folks with a round face cut should go for wide and rectangular frames. Aviators and Ray-Ban wayfarers are the best options for people with a round face, to add length and dimension to their face and make it look thinner. 



Interestingly, “wayfarer” means someone who travels by foot, but today you know these sunnies as a best-selling style of sunglasses all across the globe. Whether it be the convenience factor, sun protection, the trapezoidal shape which fits perfectly around your eyes, or simply the fact, that how professional, adventurous, quirky you can look with a single pair of wayfarers by just changing your styles. 


If you team them up with a blazer, there's no greater boss lady than you, if you pair it with a tropical dress as Natasha did for an adventurous vacay, then you'll be a tropical beauty and if you wish to add a little quirk to these shades, then layer it up with some rad and rugged chains, contrast frames, outfit layering and just like that, you'll be the queen of quirks.


These sunnies are not for everyone, only the ones with that Oomph factor can carry it with utmost confidence like Rachel did here. The oversized sunnies give you that retro street style and urban vibe instantly. You don't have to be a rapper with gold chains hanging around your neck, to wear them, but you need a good dose of confidence to pull out something so ravishing and flamboyant. The oversized sunglasses also come in different sizes and dimensions. Also, you can try medium Shield oversized sunnies, only if you are searching for something new and interesting. 

-©Muneeta Aneja

Images by Respective fashion Influencers